Copper Alloy Tubes

Soft and malleable, pure copper is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity, making it the perfect metal for many of humankind’s endeavors throughout all ages and civilizations.

Beginning with the Industrial Revolution, copper and copper alloys have afforded many industries with a unique combination of mechanical and physical properties. This distinctive blend of high conductivity and pliant material provides excellent corrosion and wear resistance for modern-day engineering in power, process, and marine applications. Copper is quite simply the only choice for many trades. Selecting the right copper product should not be overlooked and always requires a detailed survey of an application’s environment. Since water and operating conditions vary widely, any estimate of our copper tubes and copper alloy tubes performance must be based on localized operating factors determined by your engineering team. Once relayed to our sales department we can then supply a detailed quote within one business day or in many cases just a few hours.

We manufacture the following copper alloys:

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C12200 CopperC44300 Admiralty BrassC68700 Aluminum BrassC70600 CuNi 10%C71500 CuNi 30%