Admiralty Industries, manufacturers of seamless copper alloy tubes and nickel alloy tubes for boilers and heat exchangers. We offer efficient and seamless copper / nickel alloy solutions centered on meeting and exceeding international quality standards. We strive to provide the fastest turnaround, the best market price, and the highest-standard product to our customers across the globe.

What makes us different?

Quality Management

Buying products from any manufacturer takes trust, diligence, and commitment. At Admiralty, we take these concepts very seriously. We provide clients not only with a durable end product but also with the assurance of superior quality standards including EN, ASTM, and ASME specifications. Offering comprehensive quality control over all processing, workmanship, and factory and worker environments is our number-one priority.


Pricing our products depends on two main factors: current metal market values and manufacturing and transportation costs. You’ll find our prices aren’t the lowest, but they are the most competitive for the high standards, expertise, and expedited service you’re looking for. Since buying from us means buying directly from the source, there are no middlemen, no extra steps—just economical solutions without sacrificing product or purchasing quality. Over time, the security and confidence you’ll gain with Admiralty Industries can be only be described one way—Priceless.


Using Admiralty Industries as your copper tube supplier means expert knowledge is always a phone call away. Delivering at a capacity of 50,000 tons a year to Fortune 500 Global companies has given us a high-level perspective on how to successfully meet your goals on time and within budget. Additionally, we know the copper-tubing business from both sides: manufacturing and procurement. We know what’s important to buyers from all backgrounds and offer a unique benefit in that we do business from your point of view.