Tube Sheets & Plates

Exceptional tube sheet design is complex, precise, and essential for heat exchange.

Admiralty Industries utilizes the most state-of-the-art manufacturing to produce defect-free copper tube sheets and plates. Our sheets are drilled in predetermined patterns to allow the tube ends to pass through the sheet. These tube ends are then expanded to lock in place and form a seal.

Admiralty tube sheet arrangements are masterfully drilled to client specifications and drawings by our team of expert machinists. Once installed, they form a contained unit which is then bolted to flanges inside the shell, creating a chamber that is used for liquid or gas heat exchange in boilers, heat exchangers, and other applications. Large exchange chambers can contain up to several thousand tubes that must be arranged into precisely calculated bundles.

Given the intricate nature of chamber and plate design, and to prevent any galvanic action between tubes and tube sheets, the best option is to use the same material for both. However, this solution can be costly for many of our clients. These “second choice” materials must be as similar as possible in the galvanic series to ensure satisfactory performance by using coatings or cathodic protection.


󰀕 ASTM B171 C46200

󰀕 ASME SB171 C46200

󰀕 ASTM B171 C46400

󰀕 ASME SB171 C46400

󰀕 EN 1653 CuZn38AlFeNiPbSn

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